Taylor Swift Doesn’t Really Know How To Use Social Media


Taylor Swift has quite a lot of questions about social media. Like: What the heck does a hashtag do? And the way do I reblog anyone on Tumblr?

Taylor Swift has a lot of questions about social media. Like: What the heck does a hashtag do? And how do I reblog someone on Tumblr?

Let's be sincere, who *didn't* ask themselves those self same questions in the future or some other.

By means of makemydaymisstay.tumblr.com

But her wonderful #Swifties have been there all along to help the superstar with all her social media woes.

But her wonderful #Swifties have been there all along to help the superstar with all her social media woes.

Because that's what a true fan does.

Via makemydaymisstay.tumblr.com

One fan called her out for not having a Twitter header:

One fan called her out for not having a Twitter header:

Via makemydaymisstay.tumblr.com

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How To Be As Cool As Taylor Swift’s Cat

A to hand information for these days whilst you wanna simply cuddle up right into a ball and be carried round through Taylor Swift.

Step 1: Stroll out of your proprietor's condo such as you fucking personal the location. Go searching for any cat lurkers (you don't wish to affiliate with them).

Step 1: Walk out of your owner's apartment like you fucking own the place. Look around for any cat lurkers (you don't want to associate with them).


Step 2: Take a look at the bottom and care for your air of secrecy. Make them wager about you. Who're you? What do you love? What makes you tick??

Step 2: Look at the ground and maintain your air of mystery. Make them guess about you. Who are you? What do you like? What makes you tick??


Step three: Make eyes with the digicam. That is your time. People are observing you.

Step 3: Make eyes with the camera. This is your time. Everyone is watching you.


Step four: Sure. Supply the individuals what they need.

Step 4: Yes. Give the people what they want.


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25 Things You Didn’t Know About Pauly D

5 years after The Jersey Shore first aired on MTV, we caught up with the sector well-known DJ about what he’s previously.

Janette Pellegrini / By way of Getty Photography

DJing in New Jersey “looks like dwelling” to him.

DJing in New Jersey “feels like home” to him.

"It undoubtedly seems like house for me. Actually all my family and friends go to those gigs as a result of once in a while they don't need to project all of the approach out to Vegas. So, the New Jersey gigs really feel like residence."

Janette Pellegrini / By the use of Getty Photography

He needs he discovered the best way to play the piano when he was once youthful.

He wishes he learned how to play the piano when he was younger.

"DJ Mustard is on each single beat on the earth. These persons are piano males, they are able to play gadgets, in order a child I want I might've performed that roughly instrument. They're making some huge cash, these guys."

MTV / By means of ovotone.tumblr.com

He’s working on a full album.

He’s working on a full album.

"I'm working on the album now and as I come out with songs I'm going to be dropping them. There's no rush on when the actual album will come out but I will put together a full album when the time's right, I feel."

Christopher Polk / Via Getty Images

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Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Horatio Sanz

Jason Kempin / Getty. Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed

What's your wallpaper to your cellphone and/or pc?

The colourful shit that incorporates the cellphone.

Whilst you stroll right into a bar, what do you most often order?

I smoke a Jazz cigarette, after which I are available all gunz a blazin' with ..."Can I've a weight-reduction plan coke?"

What's the one phrase you're responsible of the usage of too frequently?


What's the last item you looked for on Google?

Learn how to steer clear of bare photos of Jennifer God damned Lawrence.

Who's the ultimate person who known as or texted you?

I don't be aware of nevertheless it led to a lethal 5 automobile crash on the 210.

What was once the ultimate awkward scenario you have been in and the way did you deal with it?

No remark.

When is the ultimate time you went to a theater?

Noticed a Korean film known as The Admiral. It wasn't a porno.

What TV exhibit must everybody will have to be looking at?

If I have been a dad, I'd have my children watch I like Lucy and The Honeymooners.

And what's your TV responsible pleasure?

Responsible pleasures are all homicide packages. Forensic Information, Dateline and now The Hunt with John Walsh.

What's the primary album you purchased?

I feel it was once some shitty Beatles on the cavern. They had been referred to as the "Silver Beatles" and it sounded love it was once recorded the usage of a string and a coke can.

What song are you presently taking note of?

I'm giving that Phoenix "Bankrupt" an actual taking note of. Beautiful excellent POP.

What film makes you giggle probably the most?

Bare Gun 33 1/three I feel made me chortle greater than anything else ever made.

What's the one meals you can not face up to?

I can not stroll prior Peanut Butter M&M's, and Oreos. THAT COMBO KILLS.

What drives you completely loopy?

Folks no longer the usage of flip alerts. If I used to be a dictator, I'd have them lined up in opposition to the wall and SHOT.

Decide one: Kittens or domestic dogs?


New York or Los Angeles?

Each. In reality.

Comedy or drama?

Dramas are more uncomplicated to get into. Once I go see a comedy after 10 minutes, I'm like...that is bullshit.

Francis Bacon or Nutella?

Fuck Baron Verulam.

'80s or '90s?


Hannah Montana or Lizzie McGuire?


And eventually: inform us a secret.

I really like repairing cacti.

Which you can capture Horatio within the new animated collection Biatches right now on Comedy Relevant Studios.